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Kala Rongo’s Nyungne Practice House in Shornda

In a very exciting development, Kala Rongo Monastery has expanded its sphere of activity to the city of Shornda, now home to many previously nomadic Nangchen families. The house serves as a base for the continuous practice of Nyungne (the two-day fasting practice of 1,000-armed Chenrezi) and Shing Drup (Amitabha’s Dewachen Pure Land practice). Eleven nuns are in residence at all times to perform these practices without interruption, for a total of 100 Nyungnes and 100 recitations of Amitabha’s Dewachen practice each month.

Sponsorship of these practices is available through our donation form, page 8. A donation of $25 sponsors one day of either Nyungne or Dewachen practice, and $50 an entire two-day cycle. Ten days of practice (five full cycles) may be sponsored for $250, and a full month of practice for the special price of $700.

Sponsor a practice at the Nyungne house.