NYEMA Projects, Inc.

Medical Clinics in Nangchen

In 1997, NYEMA initiated a health care clinic program in Nangchen to diagnose and treat patients with common health problems such as respiratory illnesses, arthritis, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems. The team evaluated the medical needs of the local population, proposed viable solutions to health care infrastructure issues and facilitated community-based medical treatment. Several small primary-care clinics have been established in remote villages.

In summer 1998, a second NYEMA team, including an expert in rural health care and education, returned to Nangchen to continue the initiative previously established in the region, evaluate progress and plan the next steps for addressing the long-term health needs of the local residents.

In 1999, we continued to improve basic health care with our ongoing support of local primary care clinics and health care personnel, supplying funds and western medicines to Tibetan doctors in the region.

We are pleased to report that there are now 17 clinics, all of which are now self-sufficient.